Anyone can create mobile first intranet and

Anyone can create mobile first intranet and office automation in minutes, no coding

Challenges & Opportunities in a Mobile First World

Most of the IT investments in the past few decades have been around PCs, from building intranet portals to various office automation efforts, but we are in an increasingly mobile centric world. Today’s IT departments & CIOs are trying to leverage mobility to improve productivity in a timely manner, and at the same time managing the technology risks & cost overruns.

IT Build vs Buy Conundrum

Building custom mobile apps is expensive & time consuming, the average development cost of a mobile app is around $50k-$100k for over 3 month on just one mobile platform, and then there’s the ongoing maintenance cost for subsequent versions.

Buying off the shelf mobile apps likely involves changing the way you work, as almost all mobile point solutions offer few customizations and is difficult to integrate with legacy applications.

Apptrify’s Innovative Approach

What if creating office automation & intranet in today’s mobile first work place is as easy as using MS Excel? Apptrify takes the technology and cost out of mobile development, our patent pending technology allows businesses and organizations of all sizes to automate internal processes, disseminate information, and extend existing PC based applications to the mobile, in minutes and without coding!

Our unique technology runs your intranet and business process automations in native apps on iOS and Android mobiles, providing full access to mobile phone facilities such as camera, GPS, Bluetooth, NFC, image annotation, audio, etc. In addition, our technology allows users to access your intranet and business process automations even under poor/zero network connectivity. At the same time, a full-fledged web version is also available for desktop users whenever necessary.

Apptrify is a cloud based solution for you, either the business or IT departments that do not have mobile development resources, to create intranet and business process automations on mobiles without coding. It has a web admin interface to define your business processes, and an mobile app for end users to run all the business process automations in. Please click to start your free trial.

Anyone can create mobile first intranet & office automation in minutes, no coding

Live updates of office automation on your device in seconds

Easy integration to mobilize your existing business applications

Built in workflow, message board & mobile sensors (e.g. location, camera, audio) support

Our unique approach eliminates the expensive development & test cost of mobile app development, your intranet and business process automations using Apptrify will ‘just work’ on all devices and platforms. To mobilize your enterprise in Internet speed, please click to start your free trial.

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No coding needed!

Whether you want to automate your internal business processes, such as leave application and approval, stock taking, work order dispatching, property inspection, sales deal approval, etc, or if you simply want to improve your internal communication by publishing company news and CEO messages onto your employees’ mobile devices, Apptrify is here to help.

In minutes, rather months, you can configure your own mobile intranet and / process automation, and deploy them onto your employee’s versatile range of mobile devices. No more coding, just configuration, and you are ready to go!

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Live updates of office automation on your device in seconds

The world changes, and business processes need to change with it. However, until now, IT systems have always been the last to adapt, due to lengthy and costly modification and testing processes.

Worry no more! Apptrify allows easy changes to business processes and access rights through simple configuration and setup changes instead of coding. And such changes are reflected on end user’s mobile devices instantly.

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Easy integration to extend your existing web/legacy applications in a mobile first world.

During the past few decades, businesses invested much time & resources to create mission critical business applications, but they’re mostly locked down in legacy applications designed for the desktop era. Apptrify’s application integration technology interconnects SaaS or legacy applications to E2E’s admin server via standard web services & simple JSON configurations.

While we have pre-built connectors to major SaaS applications such as Salesforce, Office365 , you can also easily add your own connectors to your in-house web / legacy applications, all without even one line of mobile coding! Please click to start your free trial.

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Built in support for workflow, message board, mobile sensors (e.g. location, camera, audio)

Workflow is an essential part of doing business for many companies, it’s particularly useful when your workforce is distributed and mobile. Using Apptrify’s patent pending technology, anyone can create approval workflows in minutes, from expense reports, leave of absence forms, work order to content approval.

Some companies use consumer grade mobile apps like whatsapp groups to communicate. But these tools aren’t meant for business use and have many limits (e.g. many users can be in a group), they’re not secure (anyone can write anything at anytime), nor are the messages archived. Apptrify’s workflow based message board allows business user to assign approval to each group creation & message posting. The messages are doubly encrypted and can be archived on company premise.

We also have built in support for mobile sensors (e.g. location, camera, audio, image annotation) so business user can easily create rich office automation or intranet apps which are mobile first.

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